Memorial Wall

Many of us have been affected by the death by suicide of a loved one.  We have provided this space for anyone who wants to express their love and appreciation for someone they have lost. If you would like to add to this wall, please visit the Add to Memorial Wall page.

For additional ways to honor your loved one, visit the AFSP website.



Submitted by Mary
In memory of Eric– a wonderful young man who was so smart, so giving, so and well loved by so many! May he always be remembered for his smile and caring spirit rather than for the one bad decision he made that took him away from us. May he rest in peace.

Joe Reiff

Submitted by his parents, Richard and Gail Reiff
Joe koala_allowedJoe didn’t have to search for what he wanted to do in life. He knew from the time he first picked up a pencil and put it to paper that drawing was his bliss. It was something he never tired of. Over time, Joe blended his passion for art with his interest in cartoons, comics, and graphic novels. As a high school senior, his graphic novel, Billy The Kid, was a finalist for the best senior thesis from over four hundred and fifty Upper Arlington High School seniors. Joe’s dream job was to work as an illustrator of comic books, graphic novels, and animated features.  One of his greatest assets was his sense of humor. He loved every kind of humor, whether it was subtle or zany and over the top. The works he produced while attending CCAD and the year after graduation show the progress of his artistic talent and the promising future that lay before him. Joe died April 2, 2013; almost one year after graduating from CCAD and before he had time to realize his dream.


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